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Bulk Text Features ? InteractSMS

The InteractSMS bulk text platform is the leader in Ireland's Bulk SMS market due to its ease of use, speed and powerful bulk SMS gateway capabilities.

The capabilities of the bulk text system, the ability to create campaigns and the time involved are really only limited by the user.

The powerful InteractSMS bulk SMS software can be used for a huge range of activities, including SMS marketing campaigns, alerts, competitions and sales to name but a few.

For developers, we also have a full set of API (Application Programming Interface) tools so that you can integrate our powerful bulk SMS platform capabilities into your existing systems.

See below for some of the main features that our customers enjoy that help InteractSMS stand out as a market leader in bulk text.

Have a look at our Benefits section for examples of some of the ways you can use the InteractSMS Bulk SMS software to benefit your business, be it for text marketing, competitions, or alerts, to name but a few.

Main Features

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Send 1 to 100,000 SMS messages in a single file
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Upload SMS lists directly from your desktop
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Appointment read and received SMS confirmation
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See live responses from your SMS broadcast on your desktop and save in a recognised format
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'Send now' or 'Send later' options for your SMS broadcast - by time and date
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Choose sender ID to personalise your SMS messages
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Delivery of goods SMS notification
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Web based SMS broadcast tools
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Prepay - No ongoing contractual commitments!!!