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Case Study

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Vodafone needed an Enterprise SMS Tool that would allow their Enterprise, Corporate and SME customers send Bulk SMS to their customers and staff. Bulk SMS was to be used for marketing, business process reengineering, appointment scheduling and a wide array of services. The Enterprise SMS Tool should be accessible via the web and also have an easy to use API to automate each process.

Course Of Action

Using our 25 years’ experience and knowledge of the Bulk SMS market, Phonovation were able to design and launch a bespoke Vodafone Bulk SMS gateway. It is a standalone service built on the latest cloud infrastructure with an exceptional user experience and API.


The Enterprise SMS gateway went live and has hundreds of active users buying hundreds of thousands of messages per month. The current Return on Investment is in excess of 300%. This is a service that allows Vodafone’s customers buy and send more Vodafone messages than ever before. Vodafone have also sold this service to non-Vodafone customers and then converted them through to core products through this tool also.


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