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Case Study

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About Teamer

Teamer is an online sports team management service with operations in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. They are an industry leader and have earned a number of awards including, most recently, the Best Support Technology for Managers and Coaches at the 2014 Sports Technology Awards. They rely heavily on SMS as it is their most effective way of facilitating customer communications.

Two years ago Teamer was looking for an SMS gateway for all their SMS needs. They sought a service that was cost-effective, easy to use and reliable for their considerable SMS requirements. Teamer send over 3.5 million SMS every year in Ireland alone! The solution came when they started using Ireland’s largest bulk SMS provider, InteractSMS. Teamer’s customer support manager, Shane Donnelly, tells us that what he likes the most about InteractSMS is how simple and easy to use it is. It has been used to streamline what were previously very cumbersome processes. Shane says that his job has been made a lot easier thanks to InteractSMS.

Shane has had to contact InteractSMS customer service only once in two years as the gateway is so easy to use. “A problem of my own making” he was quick to add. The issue was resolved for him immediately in a way that he could only describe as “perfect… absolutely perfect”.

InteractSMS is now an essential part of Teamers operation and as a valued customer of InteractSMS we are delighted to have helped them to reach a point of leadership in their industry.

Asked for his verdict Shane said:

“I’d definitely recommend InteractSMS to any business that wants to use bulk SMS with speed, with ease and with extremely successful results. It has never let us down.”

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